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FREE for MIAMI Members

What’s in it for me?

  • FREE online offer submission system for up to 10 active listings
  • 1 Gb digital file storage
  • Unlimited Buyer Management Record Keeping
  • also works as a CRM, BPO, HOA, & Property Management System
  • Reimbursement Tracking

Online platform to place and receive offers in your custom Miami account -integrated with the MLS. Handles all types of sales, offers, counter offers and multiple offers. Buyers agents can look on-line to see the status or amend their offer without placing phone calls. It even works on all mobile devices.

You NOW have an eBrokerHouse account
created automatically and at no cost – and a link
added to each of your listings.

If you had listings in the MLS on Monday, October 28th
you now have access to you eBrokerHouse account

All of your listings NOW feature a "Submit an Offer" link on the MLS report that buyers' agents will click to submit an offer to you online. All of your active and back up contract status listings (in classes RE1, RE2 and RIN) were automatically imported into your eBrokerHouse account. These offers will be submitted into your own personal eBrokerHouse account.

You will receive an email notification when an offer is received and you will need to login to your eBrokerHouse account to view and respond to the offers.

This link is NOT viewable by the Public – it is embedded in Broker Remarks and viewable only by other members of our MLS.

The MIAMI Association of REALTORS® has partnered with
to bring you a great new method for receiving offers. 

eBrokerHouse is NOT mandatory

  • If you decide you don’t want a easier way to manage multiple offers - eBrokerHouse can be disabled.

  • If you decide that you want to continue to have buyer’s agents call you and ask “did you receive my offer” - eBrokerHouse can be disabled.

  • If you are an REO agent and decide that you don’t want the convenience of being able to include additional required addendums or make certain fields required on offers - eBrokerHouse can be disabled.

  • If you are an REO agent and decide that you don’t want the ability to set the highest and best dates for offers or have asset managers receive offer notifications - eBrokerHouse can be disabled

If you decide you want to disable eBrokerHouse, it's easy:
Login to the MLS < Edit Each of Your Listings Individually < Select to Disable eBrokerHouse Offer Submission – that's it

IMPORTANT: MIAMI Members with Listings in the MLS

Please click here and bookmark this instruction PDF

It contains important information regarding what eBrokerHouse is, how to login to your account, how to import future listings, how to review your offers, how to close your account and disable the "submit an offer" links if needed and much more.

What if you don't have listings in the MLS – What's in it for you? Plenty!
Click here to find out how make eBrokerHouse work for you, your buyers and their offers.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!
Online Support Videos and FAQs

Phone Support:
If you are unable to find what you need online, you may call our support team at:
866-766-0344. *Please note that we anticipate our phone lines being very
backed up for awhile after roll out. Please attempt to utilize our online tools
or submit a support ticket if possible.

Email Support

You can submit a support ticket to EBH at: or
You can email the MIAMI Association trainers at
If you need help in Spanish please email the trainers at the Miami Association of Realtors directly at

My account didn't get created, how can I sign up?

Log Into your MLS and go to the Smartlinks section on the Homepage. Click on
the eBrokerHouse Account Sign Up link. This will open up the eBrokerHouse
sign up form and pass most of your contact info to the form.


Fast Access

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Fusion or Matrix
  3. Click on eBrokerHouse Link, top right corner of listing & begin-ALL listings are activated with eBrokerHouse

Webinars/Videos & Tutorials

Intro Video:  Click here
Video Tutorials: Click here
FAQs: Click here

Phone Support: 866-766-0344
Email Support:


“eBrokerHouse allows you manage just about every aspect of your brokerage online. Short sales, reo, property management, you name it, virtually every conceivable element involved in the operation and management of your brokerage and your team is all there for you under one single roof. You should give their webpages a gander when you get the chance.” David Saks Review from Active Rain
“I have been using this for the last 12 months from the buy side and always inquire about the Agents opinion. I have never had a bad thing said on anything the program offers so I have to give it a go!” P.J. Virgilio Jr. Real Estate Agent  Hollister, CA Review from Active Rain