RCA MIAMI - REALTOR Commercial Alliance



Commercial Certificate Program

Learn and earn your way to the 2016 RCA Commercial Certificate by attending core curriculum and electives. Earn points today by attending monthly networking opportunities, leasing classes or commercial workshops.  You just need to earn 30 points in a 12 month period.

The process is simple, look for the red points symbol on promotions and keep track of your points throughout the year. At the end of the year or when you complete your 30 points, just fax or email the sheet to Paul Cauchi @ 305-468-7061 or paul@miamire.com.

Look for the diploma seal     to learn how many points each class or event offers

Required Curriculum & Major Events Points 
February 27: (N) Commercial Contracts in Spanish 3
March 7: (W) Commercial Core Law 5
March 9: (C) Commercial Core Law 5
March 16: (E) Commercial Contract: Don’t Work for Free 3
March 21, 22: (W) Income Property Analysis (2 Days) 6
March 23: (W) Advanced Income Property Analysis 6
March 29: (H) Tom Dixon, Part 1 3
April 5: (H) Tom Dixon, Part 2 3
April 12: (H) Tom Dixon, Part 3 3
April 18: (H) Negotiations 3
May 12: (O) Midyear Miami Realtors
May 26: (O) Midyear Broward 5
October 13: (O) Commercial Conference 8
• Two Major Events are Required  
Commercial Marketplace Points 
January, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
February, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
March, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
April, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
May, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
June, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
July, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
August, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
September, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
October, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
November, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
December, Miami-Dade or Broward 1
Bonus: Attend 4 and earn 5 points  
Monthly Education & Seminars Points
January 17 (H) Amendment 2 3
January 20 (O) Commercial Miami River Tour 3
January 24 (E) Amendment 2 3
February 2 (W) Anatomy of a Deal 5
February 10 (E) Anatomy of a Deal 5
February 15 (O) City Spotlight: Pompano Beach 3
February 16 (H) Broker Success Series: Marketing & PR 3
February 28 (O) Spotlight on Kendall 3
March 9 (E) How to Get Paid in Commercial 3
April 4 (E) Broward County Property Appraisal 3
April 4 (H) Investing in Income Properties 3
April 11 (E) Investing in Income Properties 3
April 20 (C) Investing in Income Properties 3
April 25 (E) 8 Steps to Satisfy More Sellers 3
May 5 (E) Commercial Lending Summit 3
June 9 (N) Marketing Magic in Commercial 5
Bonus: Attend 4 and earn 15 points  
• Two Major Events are Required

* Education with an asterisk are required curriculum, to earn the Certificate you must either attend all thee of Tom Dixon's classes (Intro, Intermediate and Advanced) OR both a Commercial Lease and Commercial Contracts class.

Required curriculum is valid for two calendar years.

A total of 30 points are required and must be completed within a 12 month period (excluding required curriculum which is valid for two calendar years)

Look for the Certificate seal to determine how many points a class is.

Must be an RCA MIAMI member to qualify.