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15 Burchisms to Help You in Real Estate and Life

by | Jan 05, 2017

  1. “You have to program yourself to be positive. You are what you think.”


  2. “Nine out of 10 things people worry about will never happen.”


  3. “If you want a human being to do anything, you need to get them to think it.”


  4. “If you do a two-second smile, your whole physiological well-being changes.”


  5. “Lean in when you’re talking to someone. It will let them know you’re paying attention.”


  6. “Control the inventory. Control the market.”


  7. “Just because you show clients something, it doesn’t mean they see it.”


  8. “As a Realtor, our No. 1 job every day is to be productive.”


  9. “Buyers do nothing for you without a total investment of your time.”


  10. “Consumers drive the real estate transaction.”


  11. “Under promise. Over deliver.”


  12. “Don’t get between the client and the dog because you will lose.”


  13. “Buyers make a decision whether they like a house or not within two seconds of entering the door.”


  14. “Everybody in this room is the President and CEO of their own business. Every single one of you.”


  15. “One of the reasons why Realtors fail is they don’t become a student of their craft.”

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